046: Only one thing to do…

scrambleB046I pretty much always have my self doubts when making a new SB comic, but this was especially one of those times. I wasn’t sure if the slightly more realistic style would clash too much with my standard style, but by the time I finished the last panel, everything suddenly felt a lot better. I have absolutely no regrets about using the term “feels.” You can quote me on that.

While this strip can apply to most Asian dramas, the bit this was based off of was a show called LIFE (yeah, leads to lots of “who’s on first” moments when talking about that show), which in turn was based on the manga of the same name by Keiko Suenobu. Only two episodes in and I’m already disturbed by half the goings-on. Why are Japanese schools either depicted as being really fun to go to or really not-fun to go to?

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