052: Funemployment 6 / Happy 1 Year!

scrambleB052For once I actually stayed up late finishing a comic; just wanted to make sure that the comic celebrating 1-year of scramble Bouquet was as top-notch as I could make it. Yep, you heard right; with this very comic, I celebrate 52 weeks of doing this ol’ song and dance. Well technically, the actual 1-year would be Thursday, but I post on Wednesdays so… well you get the point.

Anyways, yep, there ya go! You’re finally introduced to Basil and Prim’s grandparents (at least on their dad’s side). In general, I don’t really like the idea of bringing in culture if it’s only for culture’s sake, so I figured having Prim go over to the grandparents for some indirect tough love was excuse enough for something of a history lesson. Also, for the record, lemme just say that no, grandpa didn’t re-marry; I just like to think that all Asian women end up becoming little old ladies with perms regardless of how they looked prior.

What’s that? Don’t know what “Tatang” and “Inang” translate to? You’ve never even heard of Ilocano or turon? Well consider culturing yourself, my readers (there’s this up and coming thing called “google”…)!

Well, I’m starting to ramble now, so I’ll just say thanks for reading my silly li’l comic and I hope I continue cranking these out for another year to come.

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