Hourly Comic Day 2015

HOURLY COMICS 01HOURLY COMICS 02HOURLY COMICS 03HOURLY COMICS 04HOURLY COMICS 05HOURLY COMICS 06HOURLY COMICS 07HOURLY COMICS 08HOURLY COMICS 09HOURLY COMICS 10HOURLY COMICS 11HOURLY COMICS 12Eeyep, it snuck up on me again this year. Regardless, I was able to crank out 12 “hourlies” (well, I cheated and combined a couple hours) all for the sake of this year’s Hourly Comic Day. I put ’em up as I finished them on my twitter (@DaemonCorps), but if microblogging still isn’t your thing, then here they all are, collected in their all their white/blue glory.

Expect Wednesday’s comic to still be up as per the norm.

Oh, and while I’m here, please feel free to click on this here link to my shop. Clicking that particular link will give you automatic free shipping WORLDWIDE. Offer’s good until next Sunday at midnight PST.

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